Sections Without Connections

Sections without connections

Posted on September 7, 2016

An issue that arises with section purchases is the connection and cost of connecting services (gas, power, phone, internet, ultra fast fibre (UFF), water and sewage). A good developer knows this, but not all are so diligent.

UFF often requires under-boring, the cost of copper phone wires is high, you may not be getting a traditional ‘phone’ (it may be linked to UFF) and adding houses requiring power to the grid may overload the current transformer which may need an upgrade. All of these things can result in delays and increased costs for the developer, who may look to pass them on to a purchaser.

Always check the status of the services, and when and how they’ll be connected. If you are presented with an agreement with a warranty that they will be connected, ask for a condition instead. A warranty allows you a right to be compensated after the fact. A condition can allow you to terminate the agreement if the condition isn’t met. We can help with drafting something suitable.