The Benefits of A Trust

For many people the principal purpose of a family trust is to protect your family’s
assets and wealth against risk. This is done for a variety of reasons, some of
which are to:

  • Protect assets from business risk (if you own a business or have a senior
    management role in a business)
  • Provide for special family needs, such as a child with a disability
  • Protect your assets in a second marriage/relationship situation and/or
    relationship breakdown
  • Prevent claims on your estate when you die (family protection and
    testamentary promise claims)
  • Minimise tax liability
  • Defer liability for a possible future capital gains tax or similar taxes
  • Protect against income and asset testing for, say, rest home charges
  • Provide funding for children’s or grandchildren’s education costs
  • Allow family assets, such as a business or farm or holiday home, to pass to
    the next generation without exposing inheritances to relationship property or
    other claims, or
  • Give to the community through a charitable trust.


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